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Welcome to the learning and discovery platform that helps you develop life's most enriching skills.

Our Story

In 2017, united behind a vision that business could play a positive role in society, our founders, Bruce and Zoi joined forces to create FutureX, a platform and community for up-skilling purpose driven leaders and teams.

We believe that everyone should have access to the world-class tools, networks and resources to succeed in business. Our mission is to empower purpose-driven companies with everything they need to thrive, whilst making a positive impact on the world.

It’s no secret that the current system of business is not sustainable, for people or our planet. The decisions we take in our businesses have a direct impact on the wellbeing of our people and planet. 

Together, we’re transforming the way that people start, grow and scale their businesses. Together we strengthen each other, through the good times and the struggles - we rise together.

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Our Vision

It’s time for all of us to recognise that business and society, like humans and nature, are not separate from each other, they are one and the same – interlinked and interdependent.

We are building a global education platform to transform the way business start, grow and thrive - powered by an inclusive community.


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Meet our Founders

Bruce Walker

Cofounder & CEO
Since the age of 17, Bruce has worked with business leaders, corporates and governments to create scalable and profitable businesses with values and purpose at the heart of their growth strategy. His first business created large-scale entrepreneurship summits in London, Silicon Valley, LA, Chicago, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Shenzhen - powering global entrepreneurship.

Zoi Kantounatou

Cofounder & CFO
Zoi grew up in Greece, where the financial crisis of 2007 focussed her attention on the crucial role that business has on society. She has since dedicated her career to building organisations that support purpose-driven entrepreneurs across the world. Through collaboration and teamwork, she believes that we can create viable, sustainable businesses that uplift society.
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Purpose and Values:

FutureX is a world-class online learning campus with international events, impactful courses and intimate leadership groups, available online and accessible anytime.


Everyone deserves to feel welcome and have a safe space to explore. We will always ensure that regardless of your background, culture, race, gender or sexual orientation - you are welcome here!


You already know far more than you realise. Our job is to help people actualise their full potential and nurture their core skills. Life is a journey, not a race - FutureX is a space for life-long learners. 


We are passionate about ensuring our work is having a positive contribution on people and planet. Sustainability for us is about ensuring we can run a thriving business, that improves lives and protects planetary ecosystems.


We will always seek to ask good questions, listen deeply, remain open-minded, valuing new experiences, challenging the status quo, and know that no one has all the answers.


There is no such thing as 'self-made'. Everyone will benefit from the support of others throughout their journey. We are committed to making it easier to tap into community support when you need it.


People aren't perfect. We always strive to understand where people are coming from, their unique experiences and how that shapes the way they think and feel. 

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"The community is a safe place to ask for help and share any worries. I always gets a boost of confidence and new thinking after each of our regular calls."

Craig Mackay, CEO @ Sharktower

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