How to build an A-Class Team

Rachel Baker
Every business ‘expert’, advisor, VC or startup founder will talk about building a world-class team… but how? What does that really mean and how can you ensure you’re doing it right?

It's a marathon, not a race

Running a business is a marathon, not a race - it requires constant learning, up-skilling and adapting. Anyone who’s leading the company – be that the CEO or senior management members – is always analysing the business, identifying gaps and seizing opportunities.

Some of these opportunities might call for new skills and strategies. That’s why it’s so important to create a culture of learning within your company. Training and up-skilling helps your team meet challenges and rise to new opportunities. And taking part in training and learning together as a team can help you implement changes more effectively, ultimately making your business more successful.

Helping your business grow

In order to grow a business, you need to make sure that every tool and resource you have available is used effectively. And people are the most valuable resource within a business, right? Making sure you and your team are always learning and acquiring new skills ensures that each team member is fulfilling their potential. With everyone at the top of their game, your company has more chance of growing and succeeding.

Improving communication and efficiency

Communication is key. Everyone in senior management needs to be on the same page if you want to achieve your goals. Your strategy should be well understood and supported, with everyone clear on how it will be implemented. If your team has trained together on mindset, communication, goal-setting etc. then you’ll all be speaking the same language. You can set goals together and measure and discuss them with ease. 

Empowering your team

We all know that delegation is key to business success. A CEO can’t do everything – they need a strong leadership team to support them and carry the torch. Undergoing training as a team encourages other managers to take responsibility and action. Learning key leadership philosophies, skills and methods empowers them to steer the company to success. And that’s what we’re after.

Enabling an impact-driven brand 

The landscape of business is changing. For an increasing number of leaders, balancing profit with benefitting people and planet is high up on the list of priorities. But in order to have a positive impact, these initiatives require a clear vision that has everyone on board. Training with your team and establishing your purpose together helps you make the best possible impact when it comes to the causes you care about.

Are you ready to learn with your team?

Up-skilling comes in many different forms. As well as learning about business growth theory and strategy, mindset work is also key to nurturing a great team who will lead a burgeoning business. Feed those minds and the rest will follow. 

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