Ecosystem Builders Programme

  • Edinburgh: 29th - 31st Jan 2024 
  • Dundee: 26th - 28th Feb 2024 
  • London: 25th - 26th March 2024

Programme cost: £950 + VAT
This 3-day course is for ecosystem builders who want to learn from the most innovative organisations, expand their mindset and build authentic relationships with peers throughout the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Designed specially for ecosystem leaders to tap into the knowledge and skills that will help them contribute to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.
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"As a leader, be aggressive about your own learning. The company cant grow without you growing."
Mark Logan, Scotland's Chief Entrepreneur

Themes & Topics
Who is this course for?
We know the insights and approaches that make Silicon Valley companies scale, but can it be done better?

We've designed this programme to help ecosystem builders take the best practice from around the world and apply it their unique context. Combining the techniques for growth and scale, with purpose, values and sustainability at the heart.

On this programme you will get:

In-Person Programme is designed for ecosystem builders, with hours of support to enable an unstoppable mindset, a culture of trust, innovation and collaboration. As well as building an exclusive network of peers and sharing best practice frameworks.

  • Exclusive masterclass workshops
  • Tool-kits and frameworks
  • Group coaching, mentoring and support

  • As part of the course we will cover themes including; Leadership, Culture, Innovation, Communication and Growth.
    Over the last 10 years FutureX co-founders, Bruce and Zoi, have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them shift their mindset, get inspired, learn skills for the future and implement strategies for growth ambitions.

    FutureX has designed and delivered workshops, accelerator programmes and training around the world. Including flagship programmes; Silicon Valley Scale and How to Scale with Purpose.

    This programme has been created for ecosystem builders to come together to share best practice, learn from experts and apply the latest approaches to purpose-led growth and innovation. 

    Previous Companies Who Have Attended FutureX Programmes:
    • Christopher McCann, Current Health ($400M Exit)
    • Kirsty Irvine, Johnston Carmichael 
    • Andrew Parfery, CareSourcer
    • Loral Quinn, Sustainably (now CEO CodeClan)
    • Rebecca Bonnington, Tricres 
    • Dave Hughes, Novosound 
    Programme Criteria

    Who is this course for?

    To be a good fit for this programme, you are likely to be:

    • A highly motivated senior leader 
    • Part of an ecosystem supporting organisation, with a clear purpose.

    • You support pre-scale stage companies, some who will need to raise funding.

    • Interested in expanding your mindset and thinking

    • Open to seeking the support, coaching, and mentoring to help you grow personally and professionally.

    • Committed to lifelong learning and giving back to others.
    The themes and topics covered include
    In partnership, we can amplify the voices of those using business to create lasting, positive change

    Join us to connect with highly engaged ethical entrepreneurs and business leaders, and reach millions more across our channels. Whether you are looking to increase your brand recognition or to align your organisation with a community of ethical innovators and companies, we can craft the right package for you.

    What's your goal?

  • Positive Impact
  • Engage with high-growth companies
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation & Sales
  • Thought-Leadership
  • Customer Retention

  • We are a trusted track-record of delivering high impact partnerships with global brands and industry leaders, including Johnston Carmichael, Scottish Enterprise, NatWest, Mastercard and Vodafone Business, STV and Virgin Atlantic.
    My biggest take away was to focus on purpose, core values, decisions, being authentic and transparent as a business, thus creating a truly regenerative business model that seeks to support its ecosystem.
    Alison Chiwara
    It has been a privilege to be part of the cohort. It’s amazing what happens when people who share this passion for Scottish entrepreneurialism get together to bring down barriers and make things happen!
    Alison Loveday
    High Growth Entrepreneurship, 
    Scottish Enterprise

    What you'll get:

    • Masterclasses with experts
    • Three Day Programme
    • Immersive Company Visits
    • Access to world-class entrepreneurial alumni

    Learn from global leaders

    Previous cohorts have benefited from masterclasses and meetings with Google, Facebook, AirBnB, LinkedIn,
    Netflix, Y Combinator, Uncork Capital
    and Lightspeed Ventures, to name a few.

    Be part of a community 

    Tap into peer-to-peer support from fellow leaders and join masterclasses and discussions with some of the world's top founders, executives and VCs.

    Boost top talent

    Bring the learning back to your teams and give them access to world-class education and training on critical business growth skills, methods and mindsets.

    Take Action

    Implement lasting change with supportive tools, models and mentors. Designed to be easily transferable and empower your team to take action and responsibility.

    Gain new skills

    Benefit from a refreshed mindset that has helped grow some of the biggest companies in the world. Learn new skills on leadership, communication and innovation. 

    Scale with Purpose

    Learn with peers how to build a purpose-driven organisation that holds people, planet and profit in balance.
    Join your fellow entrepreneurs on a journey of discovery

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    Individual Leader
    29th - 31st January 2024


    £950 + VAT 
    Join the interactive live sessions to fast track your development, build high performing teams and scale with purpose.

    • One Leader 
    • Group Coaching & Mentoring
    • Access to exclusive sessions

    Individual Leader
    26th - 28th February 2024


    £950 + VAT 
    Join the interactive live sessions to fast track your development, build high performing teams and scale with purpose.

    • One Leader
    • Group Coaching & Mentoring
    • Access to exclusive sessions

    Individual Leader
    25th - 26th March 2024


    £950 + VAT 
    Join the interactive live sessions to fast track your development, build high performing teams and scale with purpose.

    • One Leader
    • Group Coaching & Mentoring
    • Access to exclusive sessions
    This programme is available to alumni for £450 + VAT

    Need more information?
    Get in touch and speak directly with one of our team members. We can answer any questions you might have and help you make the most of the programme.

    • Payment Plans Available
    • Discounts available for transitionally underrepresented founders 
    • Limited bursary (fully funded) places available. Please contact for more information.

    FutureX Learners; Connect with top talent 

    Alumni have raised over £200,000,000 in funding | creating global impact | building profit with purpose | Tech for Good

    Founder, Current Health
    Christopher McCann
    Cofounder & CEO, Sustainably
    Loral Quinn
    Dr Dave Hughes
    Cofounder, Talking Medicines 
    Elizabeth Fairley
    Cofounder, Care Sourcer 
    Andrew Parfery
    Founder, Trubooks
    Liberty Bligh
    Founder, Know-It
    Lynne Darcey Quigley 
    Founder, Woozano
    Atif Syed
    Founder, Netwomen
    Pinky Ghadiali
    Rich Wilson
    COO, Woozano
    Jesse Opoku 
    Founder, Trapper
    Aldin Wilson 
    Founder, Ujali
    Onyinye Igbokwe
    Founder, Sense City
    Pooja Katara
    Founder, Cyacomb
    Ian Stevenson
    Founder, Cyber Shell
    Tayyaba Nafees
    Cofounder, Zumo
    Nick Jones
    Founder, HOKO Design
    Danny Campbell
    Cofounder, Tricres
    Rebecca Bonnington
    Founder, Kami
    Erika Brodnock
    Founder, Adimo
    Richard Kelly
    Cofounder, Kafoodle
    Tarryn Gore
    Cofounder, Sharktower
    Craig Mackay
    Cofounder, Geared App
    Lara Findlay
    Serial Entrepreneur
    Brian Williamson
    Lesson series

    Leverage the community to solve problems together.

    The challenges faced by entrepreneurs are universal - loneliness, lack of support, imposter syndrome, money worries and time constraints. No matter what we’re creating, we all have one thing in common: we need a strong network of mentors, advisors and friends to support us personally and professionally. 

    We strive for a safe, supportive space where you can learn from others who face the unique set of challenges encountered by purpose-driven founders and leaders.
    Meet the instructor

    Bruce Walker

    Over the last decade Bruce has been one of the most recognisable startup champions. In 2012 Bruce launched a startup festival and accelerator, expanding across UK, Silicon Valley, LA, Chicago, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.

    In 2017 he cofounded FutureX to bring purpose-led business into the mainstream. FutureX has reached millions of people world-wide, collaborated with global brands and our members and alumni have raised over £120M in funding.
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    Meet the instructor

    Zoi Kantounatou

    As well as being Cofounder and CFO at FutureX, Zoi is a trained facilitator and coach and she has extensive experience in running personal development and leadership. workshops and programmes around the world. 

    Over the past decade, Zoi has worked across Scotland, India, Greece and Silicon Valley working together with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and running more than 20 programmes. 
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    Internationally recognised leaders 

    Meet some of our experts contributors from previous programmes

    Stacey Ferreira

    Serial Entrepreneur and Author

    Nicole Quinn

    Partner, Lightspeed Ventures

    Eric McAfee

    Serial Entrepreneur

    Leela Srinivasan


    Dan Glazer

    Partner, Wilson Sonsini

    Stacey Shirra

    Head of Talent,

    James Chadwick

    Former Director of Marketing, Facebook (Meta)

    Mike Welch

    Founder, Tirescanner

    Saasha Celestial-One

    Cofounder, OLIO

    Monique Woodard

    Investor, Cake Ventures

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