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Make money by doing good; how to lead, grow & sell with purpose.

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Discover how to use your purpose to unlock new revenue, empower your team and create positive ripples across society.
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What's included?

  • 1 Day Masterclass
  • 5-step action plan
  • Peer network for support
  • Access to FutureX Education Platform

Lead with purpose

Learn how to use your company purpose
and values as decision making models and ensure you bring authenticity, trust and innovation to all aspects of the business. 

Learn to sell from the heart

Develop the sales and growth strategies that ensure your customers and stakeholders get maximum value, while scaling your organisation and growing with purpose.

Take Action

Implement lasting change with supportive tools, models and mentors. Designed to empower your team to take action and responsibility.

Develop new skills

Benefit from new skills, experiences and strategies; leadership, communication and innovation.

Build scalable systems

Implement approaches and techniques that will be adaptive and flexible as you grow, ensuring that you're building for the future.
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Meet the instructor

Bruce Walker

Over the last decade Bruce has been one of the most recognisable startup champions. In 2012 Bruce launched a startup festival and accelerator, expanding across UK, Silicon Valley, LA, Chicago, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.

In 2017 he cofounded FutureX, an education and media company with the mission to bring purpose-led business into the mainstream. FutureX reaches over 3M people annually, collaborates with global brands including Google, Twitter, Mastercard, eBay and many more. FutureX members and alumni have raised over $150M in funding with nearly $500M in exits. 
Bruce Walker: Cofounder & CEO, FutureX
"I love sharing the secrets behind purpose-driven growth. How to make money, improve lives and scale with positive impact."
Meet the instructor

Zoi Kantounatou

As well as being Cofounder and CFO at FutureX, Zoi is a trained facilitator and coach and she has extensive experience in running personal development and leadership. workshops and programmes around the world. Zoi has worked across Scotland, India, Greece and Silicon Valley working together with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs. 

Since September 2020, Zoi has been the cohort facilitator for Unlocking Ambition, a flagship accelerator programme run by Scottish Enterprise. In this role Zoi has supported hundreds of founders through their scaling journeys. 
Bruce Walker: Cofounder & CEO, FutureX
"My passion is helping people solve complex problems and support founders to create inclusive company cultures."
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Masterclass Overview

Dates & Times
Who is this course for?
What is it?

On this programme you will get:

This one day masterclass is designed for founders and their senior teams who want to scale with purpose and tap into an exclusive network of peers.
  • Live online masterclass workshops
  • Tool-kits and frameworks
  • On-going coaching, mentoring and support from fellow founders
  • Access to FutureX Education Platform.

As part of the course we will cover themes including; Leadership, Sales, Culture, and Growth. You will:
  • Understand principles of human-led leadership
  • Know how to practically implement techniques 
  • Increase your confidence 
  • Tap into a community of peers to grow alongside
  • Unlock techniques to up-skill your team
FutureX have been supporting ambitious and driven companies to scale with purpose, working with thousands of companies every year through events, programmes and courses.

We know the insights and approaches enable companies thrive. We have developed the newest version for this programme to take that learning and apply it to your unique context. 

This workshop is perfect for companies looking to tap into the knowledge and insight from a global ecosystem of scalable and sustainable companies.

Previous founders and companies who have attended FutureX include:
  • Christopher McCann, Current Health ($400M Exit)
  • Tarryn Gorre, Kafoodle (£2.5M Raised)
  • Andrew Parfery, CareSourcer (£12M Raised)
  • Sam Coley, TickX (£4M Raised)

Over the last 10 years FutureX co-founders, Bruce and Zoi, have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them shift their mindset, get inspired, learn skills for the future and implement strategies for growth ambitions.
Programme Criteria

Who is this course for?

Online Masterclass Workshop = £275 + VAT

To be a good fit for this workshop, you are likely to be:
  • A highly motivated founder, CEO of a company with a clear purpose.
  • A senior leader part of a high growth potential team

  • Interested in expanding your mindset and thinking

  • Open to seeking the support, coaching, and mentoring to help you grow personally and professionally.

  • Committed to lifelong learning and giving back to others.
    Programme Schedule: Dates & Times

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Lesson series

Leverage the community to solve problems together.

The challenges faced by entrepreneurs are universal - loneliness, lack of support, imposter syndrome, money worries and time constraints. No matter what we’re creating, we all have one thing in common: we need a strong network of mentors, advisors and friends to support us personally and professionally. 

We strive for a safe, supportive space where you can learn from others who face the unique set of challenges encountered by purpose-driven founders and leaders.

Inspire, nurture and develop your top talent.

Your company needs exceptional leaders and powerful teams. This learning and development experience that will expand mindsets, develop powerful leadership qualities and build a culture of resiliance and innovation.
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Discover how to use your purpose to unlock new revenue, empower your team and create positive ripples across society.
  • 1 place on masterclass workshop
  • Peer network to support learning
  • Access to FutureX Education Platform
  • 5-step Action Plan

Previous Students & Alumni

#SVS students have raised over £120M | #creating global impact | #building profit with purpose | #Tech for Good

FutureX alumni have collectively raised over $150M in funding and have had exits worth over $500M

Founder & CEO, Current Health
Christopher McCann
Cofounder & CEO, Sustainably
Loral Quinn
Founder, Novosound
Dr Dave Hughes
Founder & CEO, CareSourcer 
Andrew Parfery 
CoFounder, Tricres
Rebecca Bonnington
Serial Entrepreneur
Brian Williamson
Founder, Kafoodle
Tarryn Gore
Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
Cameron Graham
Founder & CEO, Miigen
Craig Lemmon
Founder, Karizma Kidz
Erika Brodnock
Founder, Shotscope
David Hunter
Founder & CEO, CyberShell
Tayyaba Nafees
Founder, Netwomen
Pinky Ghadiali
Founder, Gigged.Ai
Rich Wilson
Founder, Ujali
Onyinye Igbokwe
Founder & CEO, Know-It Global
Lynne Darcey Quigley 

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